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successful story: how did I upload the recordings to pc

Apr 19, 2014 at 2:03 PM
I thought it would never work, until my friend really wants me to send her the piece of music she played and only me have the recording on my phone.
SO here is how I did it, just follow the steps and you can do the same.
I'm using wifi, and my system is windows 7.
  1. Find my ip address and port number using steps here
  2. Get free recorder on your phone and the free recorder explorer both open, and type in the ip address you find for your computer eg
  3. Then the port number is a tricky one, you can't use the port numbers that are already shown on the black window, because it seems every port number can only be used for one connection. So in the method above you can see a series of port numbers that are in use following your ip address with a ' : ', but you have to create a new one. For example the port numbers displayed are 49286, 49289, 49290, then I created 49500, so that this number will not be occupied very soon. type in the port number 49500 in both your free recorder on your phone and do the same on the free recorder explore software.
  4. Restart your computer since the ip and port number will only work when you restart the programme, this effectively means you have to restart your computer, it works for me.
  5. Also restart your free recorder software on your phone too then press connect to pc, and it will show the ip and port number you just put in, click connect. While you do the same on the free recorder explore programme.
  6. if it shows the connection has expired, change another port number eg 49520 and restart your computer and your free recorder on your phone again.
  7. Then finally miracle happens and you can see both programme show connected and you can see all your recordings under the list. Do not close your free recorder app on your phone, download your files while the app is open, then it's done.
May 18, 2014 at 4:52 PM
An easy step to find port number use command "netstat -a" in cmd
the numbers next to are the valid port numbers to successfully establish the connection.

good luck!!!
Jun 19, 2014 at 6:55 PM
great instruction, but I got when I entered "netstat - a" a list of 12 different entries with Tried all of them, both in the pc free recorder explorer and the phone, and with none of them the connection worked. Quite an exercise restarting the poor explorer on your pc 11 times...
I also tried creating a completely new port number on both devices, like explained above under point 3, similar to the bluetooth connections, but that didn't work either.
Then above those 11 ports with, there were another three with, but after two of them it said "established" and after one of them "listening". I also tried all these, and none of them worked.
Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!